Hidden behind busy Fleet Street, occupying a peaceful pocket of prime Midtown, it was clear when we began working on the marketing campaign for 8 Salisbury Square that we had something unique.

In exploring the benefits of 8 Salisbury Square, its peaceful location with direct access to a quiet garden, dedicated taxi drop off and various roof terraces – this development offers a level of tranquility for its occupiers which is hard to find in such a central location – it offers them a space to make their own, space to grow and ‘space to think’.

The campaign developed to reflect this with a bold, simple brand mark referencing the square address, plus a fresh blue palette partnered with vibrant photography and CGIs of the square and expensive roof terraces – all with people immersed within, embracing the space.

The building was launched to market with a series of interactive agent presentations, a beautifully printed brochure and a piece of direct mail reinforcing the peacefulness of 8 Salisbury Square. The mailer presents a serious of decibel readings of the noise levels in other popular London square locations – needless to say Salisbury was by far the most peaceful!

The mailer directed people to the development website, unique in it’s modular square display and functionality – further adding to this memorable campaign, which so far has generated great awareness and positivity within the market.

— Posted by JP

POSTED ON July 13, 2015 IN Blog, News, Projects