As a creative agency, it’s one thing designing for others, but when it comes to designing things for yourself it’s well documented how difficult self promotion can be. It takes out valuable resources and can be financially draining. We all know its importance and yet seldom get/make enough time to produce it.

Over the last year we’ve made some big decisions about where the business is going and what we want to achieve both as a company and as individuals, all based on our success since we formed in 2009. As part of those decisions and to reflect our position within the property branding sector, we thought it was high-time for a visual refresh and a chance to look at every part of our own brand.

The first instance was to decide on the project scope. Stepladder as a name, already has traction, is memorable and easy to say (and spell) so we knew we didn’t need to have an overhaul at that level – it was everything else that needed work!

Our initial meetings canvassed our client base, our service providers and everybody who works/has worked at Stepladder over the last five years. This gave us some insight how we were currently being perceived and gave us a base for the brief and the ensuing creative process. From this data we defined a set of specific values through a rigorous selection process which formed the backbone of everything we’ll do going forward. Unwittingly I am using these values as I write so they are already proving invaluable.

Hopefully the new identity will give us new found confidence, reaffirm our beliefs, help us attract talent, engage and attract new clients and add more value to our service. If nothing else it’ll give us a big party at the end of it all! Look out for the launch.

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POSTED ON September 01, 2014 IN Blog, News, Studio